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cranking up the volume; the world is fading
she sings like a nightingale bidding the world goodbye
Here you go, Ashley XD 
29th-Oct-2008 02:48 pm
I initially did this for Ash, but since I am putting this up, why not share it with all of you guys?

I really love you guys a lot for putting up with my rants and all. I'm sorry when you can't relate to what I'm talking about. So I came up with a plan =) I'm not trying to convert you out of je fandom or whatever fandom you are in, I just want you to know the music I listen to. If you hate it, it's okay too =)

ASHHHH!!!! I'M SORRY CAUSE THE LIST GREW LIKE SHIT. AND ITS ONLY KOREAN MUSIC OMFG. Visual Kei will be in another post, kay? =) Hopefully it's not overwhelming!

Links are to their respective posts in soundresque as I do not have some of these albums and my connection is sucky. I'll try to rip my No Limitations remake album cause some of the songs aren't there.

Recommendations are in italics
My thoughts are in bolds

Brian Vol 1. The Brian
1. One year in snow
11. All I Know[english version]

FTTS Vol 4 Missing you & Vol 5. Gravity
Missing You, Gravity and Goodbye.
Fly to the Sky Recollection
None, except maybe... the first track XD. Cause I love that song.
Fly to the Sky Vol 7. No Limitations
1. Saranghae[I love you]
2. My Angel
5. Miwohaejyeo
7. Let's Get It On
8. Man 2 Man
10. Kyeorun hajima[ Please don't get married]
I'm Sorry & extra song from No Limitations Repackage

Overall, these albums are my favourites and I hope you enjoy them because Brian is simply AMAZING. I shall make a post regarding their mv's later.

Tablo and Pe2ny- soundtrack to a lost film
This soundtrack is haunting but it makes you think. It has no words to the music, therefore they make you think of the scenarios. I'm not sure how to put it but, this is truly a soundtrack to a lost film. Truly tablo, truly pe2ny.
Epik High Vol 5. Pieces
I heard this is going to be their last album and IT IS AN AWESOME ONE. BUT I DO NOT WANT THEM TO BREAK UP. TABLO, YOU CANNOT BREAK UP THE BAND. Anyways, enjoy this album. I love this album from the first to the last song, so no special recommendations.
Epik High Vol 4. Remapping of the Human Soul
05. Mr Doctor
08. Exile[Halftime]
11. Nocturne[Tablo's word]
15. FLOW
17. FAN
27. Public Execution

Epik High makes music that critizes the world of it's ugliness. Tablo is an awesome songwriter, and he is a philosopher. Therefore, the songs he makes are very straightforward and at times, cruel. They are his thoughts. And mine as well. I especially love FLOW. The reason? The rap part that goes like this : " yes i'm a criminal on TV and radio come check out my video it's my flow my flow i'm a muthafuckin criminal on your TV and radio come check out my video everybody say fuck the president! fuck the government!"
It may sound a little weird, but it kinda makes sense. In a twisted sense? =/ Plus, I love the part where in the middle, something happens. Listen to see. You'll know what I mean. >D

FT. Island Vol 1. Cheerful Sensibility
01 Sarangani
FT Island[for those of you who like cheery songs.]

My baby boys made an impact with this album, especially with their song saranghani, otherwise known as love me not. Hongki truly has an amazing voice and he's only 19! They're a bunch of talented boys. Meeting them in real life is also a bonus =)

H.O.T Vol 1. We hate all kinds of Violence & Seotaiji's I know
H.O.T Vol 2. Wolf and Sheep
I recommend Candy. It is the CUTEST song I have ever heard. Seriously. And these boys are just LOVE. I wish more people knew them as DBSK's ancestor's instead of DBSK are better. DBSK MY ASS. THOSE GUYS ARE FAGGOTS.
When it comes to Seotaiji, no one can shake their heads because he is just THAT AWESOME. Think XJapan and the deceased hide-sama. While H.O.T was the one who started kpop! Think SMAP lmao.

Kim Dong Wan Vol 1. Kim Dong Wan is
Handkerchief. Shound be the first track
Lee Seung Gi Vol 3. Story of Separation
01. Chakan Kojimal.
SM Town 2004 Summer Vacation
Of course I'm recommending FTTS' single in this. XD
I never thought Dong Wan of a good voice but the result was surprising. Handkerchief is such a touching song and so much more is the MV. About Seung Gi though... Hmm.. He's only 21, 22? But he seems to be able to only sing sorrowful songs. Or rather, he's good at singing sorrowful songs. His MV'S are like short stories of long lost love that end up in death or sorrow. He IS sorrow. That's what I love about him

Tony An Special Album - Untold Story
Singing that Melody feat SAT
Tony An Vol. 2 - Yutzpracachia's Love
01. Yutzpracachia
Tony likes to try out new styles and everytime he does, he never fails. I also like how his english has become a bit gibberish cause it sounds unbelievably cute. Though I wished he had kept his US citizenship instead of handing it to Lee Soo Man just like that.

Wanted Vol. 2 - 7Dayz & Wanted
03. I Promise You [was the themesong for a ghost movie. It fits >D]
Younha Vol. 2 - Someday
01. Gossip Boy
SAT AND M. PERFECT COMBINATION. xD On the other hand, not only does Younha have a sweet face, she also has a strong voice. She's not afraid to try out different music genres and that's what I admire about her. Younha is love. Did I mention that she debuted in Japan?

Byul is amazing. I don't know what else to say but that. <3
Clazziquai- Metrometics
Big Bang - Stand Up
Big Bang - Great Live Concert
I love them lesser or about the same as ft island. XD but they are two different bands singing two different types of songs. so... yeah. BB is all about hiphop.
Lies, Always.

Random songs
Baby VOX-Come to Me
Baby VOX- What can I do?
Eru - White Snow
Eru - Black Glasses
FTTS- the condition of my heart
Lisa ft FTTS - Beautiful Name
J feat Lee Jung - A tear
Clazziquai feat Tablo-Love Modesoundresque
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AWWWW, GWEN, YOU ARE AMAZING. This looks like it took a while. I'm sorry, but thank you so much!!! I LOVE YOUUUUUU~~ *runs off to download*
29th-Oct-2008 10:35 pm (UTC)
I think it took me an hour. Or 30 minutes. YOU'RE WELCOME. I NEED TO SHARE THE LOVE. in fact, this list was shortlisted. WAY shortlisted. ILYT!

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