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cranking up the volume; the world is fading
she sings like a nightingale bidding the world goodbye
30th-Dec-2025 12:53 pm - Friends only



This journal is friends-locked for certain reasons only and if you're adding me for my fiction, I suggest that you head over to lifesexpression, my fanfiction community. :'D

I'm a nice person, essentially. And an avid lover of Brian Joo & Miyavi. That's not to say that I don't listen to other music, it's just that I love these two men a lot. And by a lot, I mean, A LOT.

With that said, enjoy your stay ;]
Uhm, so. My first ever thai movie. It's not that I've never watched thai dramas before, I have. Like, once. Lol, and it was full of drama. Perhaps too much shrieking :/

Anyway, homophobics should stay away from this post. I mean it.
Rak Haeng Siam is a movie explaning the beauty and sufferings that come in
a package when you experience love. It is a movie that will make you rethink your current circumstances and perhaps, come to appreciate your family and beloved friends more. Well, I know it brought me heartache. Anyway.

when there is love, there is hope.Collapse )

Pchy is now the lead singer of August Band, the band formed to play in the movie. And I am not kidding when I say they are successful. Pchy's voice is amazingly sweet and mellow, it can melt your heart. The band member's also display good teamwork and harmony because you can hear all the instruments in alliance instead of working against each other.

Listen to some of these and you'll get what I mean. ♥ I hope you come to like him as much as I do now. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Pchy's university? I think?

8th-Jun-2009 10:10 pm - oh, so okay. here goes.
I don't think that people actually read my reviews so what the hell XD I still like to do this, since it reminds me of what I've seen and what I haven't.

Dance of the DragonCollapse )

Låt den rätte komma in 'Let the Right One In ' (2008)Collapse )

accuracy of a deathgodCollapse )
I've been busy with deadlines and homework lately, but that doesn't mean I'm willing to sacrifice my drama time :D Not that it's any good though, cause it just means that the workload piles up. And it has. D: Right. uhm, so yeah.

I watched the making of K8's newest pvs. Lol, subaru is such an ossan. And ryo, oh ryo. you ooze sex. OHKURA. YOUR HAIR. IS AWESOME. KDSJNFJDNFJSNFKJDSNF KEEP GOING LOL. oh yassu, oh yassu. you. are so precious. just. so cute. haha. okay, off to watch the pvs themselves lmao. >< oh yes, the songs from puzzle are just my taste. :D

Akai ItohCollapse )

K-20Collapse )

so yeah, I'm bored. with tons of homework waiting for me. ciao. T_T
5th-Dec-2008 02:30 pm - Just for you, Twinny!

Feel better, ne? =)

i hope to find you in my stocking this year.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I know most of you guys don't do Kpop =) But I LOVE Kpop. And I've seen AWESOME MVs by them. You may not understand the language. But just give them a chance. You might end up in love. like me with my brian obsession. XD
Son Dambi - Cry EyeCollapse )</big></big></big></big></big></big></big></big></big></big></div></div>
13th-Nov-2008 11:57 am(no subject)
ただ, 君を愛してる

Makoto meets Shizuryu, an awkward girl who seems too young for college on orientation day. They hit it off and become good friends. However, Makoto likes another girl and the time he spends with Shizuryu lessens. Shizuryu's patience breaks when Makoto brings the girl to the place she deems a precious memory of him and herself. But she soon befriends the girl and they maintain this love triangle for three years while she lives in Makoto's house. In truth, Shizuryu is sick. She cannot grow, because that will lead to her death. A week close to them graduating, she requests that Makoto kisses her for her entry in a photography contest.
"... was there any love in that kiss?"

With that, she vanishes and Makoto loses will. A few years later, he receives a letter from Shizuryu, inviting him to her gallery. He arrives in New York and he sees no sight of Shizuryu. He comes back to her home one day and hears the phonecall from Shizuryu's dad thanking the girl for helping out with Shizuryu's funeral. Makoto then finds out about the whole truth and breaks down while looking at the pictures Shizuryu secretly took of him while their 3 years of living together.

Honestly, I love this show. Tamaki Hiroshi is quite versatile and I have to say that he's quite the charismatic hottie ♥ Aoi Miyazaki plays the role of Shizuryu pretty well too. It's one of those cliche romance movies that has the ending spelt out for you, but it's not boring. I give it a 4/5.

Sucks except for Hayden Christenson, who I loooooooveeee since Star Wars. Haha. The man is HOT. Very hot. He's like nacho's fresh out of the oven. YUM!

Honestly? I'm kinda bored with the whole I-have-supernatural-powers thing that's going on in Teppei's acting career. AND THERE WAS NO ROMANCE. I MEAN COME ON. TEPPEI SO LIKED THAT GIRL. Overall it was okay. Nothing much to be said but, if you're a teppei fan, you'll probably enjoy it. There are some comedic parts and that kinda saves the whole drama from failing. Big time
29th-Oct-2008 02:48 pm - Here you go, Ashley XD
I initially did this for Ash, but since I am putting this up, why not share it with all of you guys?

I really love you guys a lot for putting up with my rants and all. I'm sorry when you can't relate to what I'm talking about. So I came up with a plan =) I'm not trying to convert you out of je fandom or whatever fandom you are in, I just want you to know the music I listen to. If you hate it, it's okay too =)

ASHHHH!!!! I'M SORRY CAUSE THE LIST GREW LIKE SHIT. AND ITS ONLY KOREAN MUSIC OMFG. Visual Kei will be in another post, kay? =) Hopefully it's not overwhelming!

Links are to their respective posts in soundresque as I do not have some of these albums and my connection is sucky. I'll try to rip my No Limitations remake album cause some of the songs aren't there.

Recommendations are in italics
My thoughts are in bolds
Brian G. Joo, a person who outbeats Jin and Tegoshi in singing. lmfao.Collapse )

Epik High. No genre. Just musicCollapse )

jae jin is a boy that broke my heart but still.Collapse )

the legends that started it allCollapse )

random randomCollapse )</div>Random songpicksCollapse )soundresquerandom randomCollapse )
22nd-Oct-2008 03:18 pm - B-b-b-brian looks - UGLY?
Well, not exactly ugly. Just weird. Check out the pictures taken during a recent fashion show of him and Hwanhee. Hwanhee looks different YET again. Another plastic surgery, perhaps? AND WHERE THE HECK WERE THEY HIDING? IN SHELTERS? I need a brian-radar.
check out the weird under the cut. I STILL LOVE YOU BRIAN. BUT WAI SO PALE?Collapse )

free music by tablo. no copyrights, not published. seriously.

BEFORE I FORGET, I THINK TEGOSHI IS TRYING TO KILL ME. with his November Potato photoshoot.

By the way, check out Younha's newest MV, Gossip Boy. Man, is she talented <3Collapse )

Will post Pe2ny ft Tablo's MV later. When I'm done watching it =)
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