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cranking up the volume; the world is fading
she sings like a nightingale bidding the world goodbye
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plus I have yet to write about my trip to singapore and japan. so look out for another post. cause this entry is ALL about dramas. or award-winning movies, however you see it.

In a span of a month, two? I'm not really sure. But I managed to finish Code Blue, Last Friends[3 days], Maou, Hinokio and Shissou.

I'll start off with hinokio and shissou. and also moonchild.

a love story between a boy and a girl, of how his life blurs between reality and fiction.Collapse )
Kame's picture was used as a funeral cover.
What's the fuss? It's not like Kame will die or... have... some harm done to him because of that. Fangirls.

Poems. Oh how I love thee!
It's been a while since I've seen a poem. Poems are wonderful. They're shorter than fictions but not any less influencial. <3 Speaking of which, I still haven't caught up with the Maou episodes. Major failage.

Oh, yes! Hana Yori Dango is showing in Cathay in Malaysia starting from October the 30th. DOES THAT MEAN KUROSAGI WILL BE SHOWING AS WELL?! hopes for a miracle

On the other hand, CUTIE PIE ALERT!!! I can't believe he's 20. I mean, LOOK AT THE FACE O.O

Anyways...everyone, go check out Tanimura Nana's If I'm not the one. It's the theme song for Yotsu no Uso starring Aoi Yuu, which sucks in my opinion. But the song is great! The english isn't bad even!

Now, unto the dramas. I finished 14 sai no haha a while back but didn't review it yet. Also, Seigi no Mikata is over. =( NO MORE KANKAN NO SCREEN.

14才の母Collapse )

正義の味方Collapse )

I'll update on my singapore trip and or more later.

... Why am I so exhausted anyway? Not to mention restless...
First off... Why is it that so many celebs are killing themselves? Recently, Ahn Jae Wook commited suicide in the back of his van. His wife fainted on the spot. She was one of the regulers that appeared in Heroine 6. It's saddening... I can't even keep count of the suicide reports I've read. It makes me feel happy that at least, I have my own life and no additional pressure that would lead to depression. However, it doesn't mean that suicide is good. No matter how heavy the pressure, they shouldn't... sigh... another person gone. =(

Anyways, I just saw Exile's Ti Amo music video and HOMG! It was amazing! Kinda reminded me of Seeya's Shoes MV, except that this had an 80's glamourous feeling. You feel as if you're being taken for a ride back to the 80's. By the way, the main actress in the PV is Minami, one of the girls who acted in Yuukan Club. She looked... very feminine. And they took a risk by putting in a rather long sex scene. Simply smoking! Oh, yes. Exile sings two lines of Mandarin but I can't seem to understand what they're singing

For Nobuta wo Produce fans, or rather, Shuuji to Akira fans... Here's a chance to read the real story, instead of the one edited by Johnny to put on screen. Read the translation of Nobuta wa Produce novel here. However, you have to join the community. I'm surprised that Akira didn't exist in the original story. Then again, Johnny does all kinds of things to give the Johnny's drama roles. So, poor Yamapi. XD I warn you though, Shuuji is EXTREMELY MEAN. And the story is WAY darker than the drama.

Ah, before I forget. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO BY FT BOYS? Eyeliners?! The change from way-too-long hair to boyish hairstyles is fine by me but- SERIOUSLY. EYELINERS. AND WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY WEARING! my jaejinnie looks so weird now =(

マイ★ボス マイ★ヒーロー or else known as My Boss My HeroCollapse )

among the many memesCollapse )
31st-Aug-2008 01:04 am - Short-term hiatus? Probably...

BY THE WAY, ITS MALAYSIA 51ST BIRTHDAY. yay. I can hear fireworks. Whatever. ._.

I just wrote a Jinda fic so you can check it out below, kay?
a thousand words ring in my head. for once in my life, it is my own.

anyways, unto the dramas. the lack of internet is really making my head spin. Streamyx &sigh&

i have many dreams, and one came true. my own madonna, my one and onlyCollapse )

ハチミツとクローバーCollapse )

mother... can I ever get married?Collapse )

a shoujo mangaka that is actually made up of four men?! well, 3 men and a boy.Collapse )

高校教師 2003Collapse )

Sorry for the long reviews, but there are things that has to be said. Ah, bakaeru? I'll do the meme when I get my connection back.
9th-Aug-2008 11:36 pm - ARASHIC RABU
Okay. First thing's first. Kanata Hongo is. Fucking. Hot. sorry for the profanity... or profanities, if it comes out later

HAS ANYONE WATCHED ARASHI'S TRUTH PV? Riida looks SO hot, homg. But Nino was sooooooo prettyyyy XDDD It's no wonder Arashi brought me into JE fandom. Mmm... I like this song. It's different from their other songs. It's more... rocky? =/ I can't pinpoint where the difference lays, but I sure know it's different. ARASHI SAIKOUUUUUUUUUUUU

I'm such a fool. I had been searching for Seito Shokun in the bookshop for SO long when it was right in front of my eyes. AM I BLIND OR SOMETHING?! Anyways, I borrowed the remaining cds, mostly from episode 7 onwards. I...think I missed an episode though. =/

On the other hand, I managed to obtain Zettai Kareshi! but not Jotei as someone had already borrowed it. grr OH MY GAWD- MIZUSHIMA HIRO IS FUCKING HOT WHEN HE SMILES. XD That said, only when I've seen like.. what, 4 episodes? Oh well. He is hot. And the smile. THE SMILEEEEEE :is bricked:

Ah, Jotei. Matsuda Shota's half nekkid bodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yaaaaaaaaaaaaah! :drools: I watched a fanvid [because I'm only up till episode 3] and HOMG! Naoto dies! Ayaka and Naoto =(

Right. On to the drama reviews.

Seito ShokunCollapse )

JoteiCollapse )

Zettai KareshiCollapse )

I'll post up the other chapters soon. Sorry if anyone is waiting to see the rest of the story. Exams are SO troublesome. Till next time!
6th-Aug-2008 06:21 pm - This is what happens...
...when someone is bored out of her mind. She has no one to talk to, no one to bother. Heck, she doesn't even have anything to watch/read. When you get to the bottom of it, she's dying of boredom. Pretty quick too.

Anyhow, I just finished watching わたしたちの教科書.Collapse )

ALSO BEFORE I FORGET, I've finally completed Tantei Gakuen Q!!Collapse )

Also, I have offically fallen in love with Matstuda Shota. His performance in Liar Game was absolutely captivating. That scene where he was half naked with messy, I-just-woke-up hair? That was the best scene ever XD

Thank you SO much, ai0no0ff for such a beautiful gift. I will treasure it with all my heart =]

Behold the sexy man !

That said, I think I'm done ranting lol. Well, except that I really think that Jin's pretty. But Yamada Ryosuke is way prettier. And worse in character, I should believe. Meh. I'm out.

by the way, you can send me more k8 songs nao, bakaeru
28th-Jul-2008 08:26 pm - Fucktard
...should stop trying to speak English. Hollywood doesn't understand your "YOU KNOWS", rain.

Right. Now that that's over with. I liked the ex PS! sister better. At least she was a SNSD hater, like me. And Sohee? Get dressed. I'm embarassed for you. You're the same age as I am, but you're already acting like a slut. :sighs:

Okies~ Chilling time. I'm sorry for spamming your f-lists with so many blogcrew posts. I just needed to get it organized. I'm sorry =( On the other hand, does anyone have a fic request? I have spare time and nothing to fill them. Might as well write ;]

Weekend recapCollapse )

The conclusion ⇒ Anti-fandom is fun. ;]

Right. Now unto the drama review.

Welcome to the world of liars, Kanzaki Nao-sanCollapse )
29th-Mar-2008 12:59 am(no subject)
My first fanfic in ages... So it's pretty precious for me... Enjoy?

Jin hated kame with a passion.
He hated the way he smiled, the way he walked, even the way he breathes..
He hated him so, yet couldn't help being drawn to him
Because they were connected, alike in a way
The way which could not be explained, like how people just fall in love without realizing
they were like two peas in a pod, with a defect in each
That one defect, was the one thing seperating them from heaven and hell
They fooled around, slept around and were more than just friends
But somehow jin couldn't stop wondering
Why were they like that?
Their relationship, a stage show full of pretense
Faked enthusiasm
Masks, put on to please the never-satisfied hunger of fangirls
Ways, to earn them more fame and money
The money, which was used to spend on women and drinking, fooling around while they could
When did that feeling start to nag at him
Nag and knaw on the sides, causing him to bleed
Hurting so bad, so painfully throbbing
Wanting to release itself
Screaming to the world
silently wishing, wanting to be himself..
When did things become so twisted?
When did life starts to press down on him?
Therefore, the pressure mounting on his heart increased
Day by day, bit by bit
It crushed him into pieces..
Finally causing a fight
He had said something
It was terribly mean
Yet horribly honest
The truth always hurt, anyway
Ever since that incident, kame had shut himself away
Putting a clear distance between them
Jin was relieved, yet somehow worried
He regretted it
The decision of going to LA
In fact, he wanted to explain
Saying that LA wasn't his own will
That it was johnny san again
shifting blames onto him
making him blameless and innocent
He couldnt stand it anymore
The pressure that kept building up
as huge as a mountain
so high he couldt see the sky
So he told yamapiHe wanted to leave
He needed to breathe
He needed.. to live
So he left
It caused a huge disturbance in japan
Fangirls panicked and kttun was mad pissed
But still, he was happy
weirdly relieved
FREEDOM! at last.
Or so he thought
But the paparazzi was soon hot on his tail
Snapping pictures of his drinking escapade
Of the women he mixed with
And so he came back
But KATTUN was never the same
He would never be the same
And they knew it
KTTUN had changed
Time would heal it, he thought
But it would never heal him
It would never bring back akame
Not unless...
A miracle happened
Miraculously helping them to have a real relationship
Realizing real bonds with them both
The sun would still shine as bright
The rain pouring down as hard
And jin, with a heavy heart...
Engulfed with sinful thoughts
Banished to the land of the dead
The signs of light
Gone, for eternity

Hmmm... If only Jin really thought that way? =/
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