cranking up the volume; the world is fading

she sings like a nightingale bidding the world goodbye

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".. for one like me.."
she sits behind the wooden shutters
on a very hot day
the room is dark, the photographs gloomy
she is profoundly worried
that her thighs are too big
and her ass fat and ugly
also she's too hairy
the lucky american girls are not hairy
she sweats too much
there is a fine mist caught
on the dark hairs above her mouth
i wish i could show her
what such hair and haunches
do for one like me
unfortunately i don't know who she is
or where she lives
or if indeed she lives at all
there is no information about this person
except in these lines
and let me make it clear
as far as i'm concerned
she has no problem whatsoever

("portrait of a girl", leonard cohen)


I sit myself down in front of the mirror, my head hanging low as I feel an immense pressure. Releasing a sigh, I look up to admit defeat. There I see the most amazing thing on earth. I see a face filled with such sorrow that the features have been twisted in agony; I also see a face brimming with happiness as the eyes shine like a million watt lightbulb. The layers start to peel off, one by one. Until there is but one left. It is a face with no expressions, no life. It is the origin of my life
I am but an average teenager that indulges in the secret pleasures of chocolate and late-night novels. Like you, I have two eyes, a nose and a mouth. I eat, I sleep and I even like the idols you like. Unlike you, I am myself, with a wicked sense of humour and sharp tongue. I also express my feelings in form of fiction. I am yourself in the very core, but I am another person altogether. Friend me? :D

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